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In the beginning we define together the aim of the learning process.

In the sessions, you start by learning what we call basic lessons. This includes: letting go of efforts in the muscles, breathing in different ways and becoming more silent in your head. While learning this you will gain more attention to your body. It will then become possible for you to feel and allow sensations that you did not have before.

During the process you will go deeper and learn how to connect different aspects such as feelings, thoughts and life experiences from the past with what you experience in the body. The rhythm, depth and intensity of the process is personally adapted to you.

When you have acquired a certain level of energy and attention in the process, you are able to recreate actively and in a controlled manner the disturbing pattern what you usually perceive as happening to you automatically. This enables you, if you choose so, to stop the automatism. Whenever you stop an automatism, something new can happen. New options and ways of acting become available to you. The energy you invested in keeping the old habit becomes free and you can choose how you want to use it.

In every learning process it is always about integrating in your daily life the abilities you learn and train in the sessions.

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