Most of the time when we have a medical condition, we created it by ourselves by behaving repetitively in a harmful way. This repetition can be in our posture, in our movements, in a recurrent feeling but also in holding old conclusions we drew from our past experiences. Many times we are aware of these automatic behaviours, however we feel it is difficult not to say impossible to change them.

I teach you through touch, breathing, movement and descriptions to raise the level of attention to your body. In this way, it becomes possible for you to be ‘bodily’ aware of those limiting automatic behaving patterns and then to stop  them. The energy that you invested previously against you by creating the pattern is now free and available for you to use it in a way you choose. You can end suffering and physical symptoms as well as develop your personal qualities and abilities.

With the Grinberg Method you learn to take responsibility for your own well-being, to improve your quality of life and make the changes that you wish for yourself in a focused way.