I lived for several years in different countries. The experiences I made were very important and significant for me. When I worked as a volunteer in the USA and in Ecuador I got to know different ways of thinking and living. In the Netherlands I studied art therapy and finished the studies with a diploma.

Abroad I could experience that personal freedom can start at the point where own habits and routines stop or can not automatically be continued. Many new experiences made me curious about my environment and life.

The Grinberg Method inspires me because it is a new way of learning about ourselves which not only stays on the cognitive level of understanding and reflecting. The Grinberg Method also focuses on the ability to bring our attention more and more to the physical sensations and feelings what creates a more direct and honest perception where we are stuck and how we can change this.

To experience something new in life, it is not necessary to travel but to learn to pay attention to what there is. Without your own glasses, without reacting in an automatic and pre-programmed way. Because reality is always different, only we are (with our behaviour, in our thinking and feelings) often the same, which can make life grey and predictable and makes that we continuously repeat certain issues in our life. The repetition limits us and can also cause physical conditions.

The title “Qualified practioner” I received after three years of studies in January 2010. Since then I continue qualifying myself with further studies and I get supervised in my work with clients on a regular basis.

Further qualifications :

-         Certified art therapist (Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen, NL) since 1999

-   European Master in Intercultural Education (Freie Universität/ Berlin) since 2002

-         Many years of professional experiences with international volunteer services and intercultural education

-  "Heilpraktiker (Psychotherapie)"- non-medical practioner for psychotherapy, since December 2013


Sabine Pfuhl Grinberg Praktikerin